About Prasad Art Gallery

Prasad Art Gallery, the preferred destination in Mangalore for art lovers has been a regular fixture in their circuit since 1994 A dedicated dream, this gallery is the brainchild of Mr. K. Koti Prasad Alva, an informed Mangalorean with intentions to promote art education among the young and the old, the experts as well as the amateurs. The vision bearer behind this effort, Mr. Alva, learned the nuances of professional art under the able guidance of Mr. B.G Mohammed from BGM Fine Arts-Mangalore…the master taught his pupil to be a lifelong crusader for this refined cause and be a renowned teacher in his own right.

Art, as a creative subject is losing out to its more illustrious rivals in professional and managerial studies; while it remains posted as a pastime, a passing hobby. Prasad Art Gallery intends to change such a perception…to show the possibilities that abound with the pursuit of art and its related manifestations as a professional discipline, be it fulltime or on a part-time basis. Since its inception, Prasad Art Gallery has been active in its ambitious quest. Exhibitions, group or one-man-shows, are routine affairs that finds immense support from the critics as well as the general public. Demonstrations are often conducted in the gallery that is authored by renowned, commercially successful artists as well as budding talents that are on the lookout for positive attention. The Lalitha Kala Academy has also lent their artists from various regions of Karnataka an invite to display their artwork as part of an exchange programme at this attractively furnished and easily accessible Gallery. The crowning glory for Prasad Art Gallery is the support that it receives from “Artists Combine®” with regards to the functioning and promotion of ‘Prasad Art Gallery’ and ‘Prasad School of Art’. To see the magic firsthand, drop-in anytime between 9:30am to 7:30pm. Ambience defines the mood; the art-works speak for themselves…..