Late K. Sanjeeva Shetty

sanjeeva_shettypicOne of Mangalore’s finest and most renowned artists, Late K. Sanjeeva Shetty was born on the 7th of April, Mangalore. His talents were honed and polished by Mr. B.G.Mohammed, a Rajya Puraskar awardee, at B.G.M. Fine Arts, Mangalore where he studied Fine Arts.

Shri Sanjeeva Shetty was a specialist in water colour flow work, oil colour knife work, clay modeling, and plaster of paris works. As founder Art Teacher at Prasad School of Art, Shri. Shetty trained thousands of students of all age groups. He also gave regular crayon work demonstrations at Prasad School of Art.

On the 29th of November 2007, Mangalore’s art world lost a luminary. Shri K. Sanjeeva Shetty passed away due to ill health at the age of 64. In memory of this talented artist and beloved teacher , an art exhibition of his paintings and the release of a Documentary titled ‘ Late K. Sanjeeva Shetty, a Friend, an Artist and Impressions of his Paintings’ were organized on the 8th of November at Prasad Art Gallery. As a tribute to this gracious teacher, the ‘Sanjeeva Shetty Memorial Greeting Card and Drawing Competition for school children was organized on 16th of November 2007 at Prasad School of Art. This writer ( Kotiprasad Alva ) had the wonderful fortune of being associated with Shri Shetty since student days at B.G.M. , where he studied Fine Arts with Shri Shetty. This writer cherishes the long association that he has had with Shri Shetty , resulting in fruitful contributions to the field of Art. An effort is now being made to compile the artistic works of Shri Shetty and keep it alive .A few of his pencil sketches and crayon works, which his students used for reference have already been put together. An earnest appeal is being made to all art lovers and all his students to forward pictures of any art works of Shri Shetty that they have to the following email id : . Let’s join hands to preserve art and enrich our collections.

Pencil Works

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Crayon Works

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